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Maintenance Club

We can easily and quickly install and repair heating and air conditioning systems of any make and model.

Discount Club Maintenance Program

Sign up for our Annual Maintenance Club and right now we are offering Free Service Calls for Life for our members. We’ll waive our $59 diagnosis fee on any future repair calls! You only pay for the cost of the repair itself and you get a Discounted Club rate on those repairs! This offer is good for as long as your part of our Maintenance Club. Check out more benefits and what our maintenance program includes below.

Member Benefits:


    Simply put, when you call us for service, even if it’s busy, you go to the head of the line.


    We protect your home, family, and pets with our shoe covers, drop cloths and being aware and alert of young ones and pets at all times while we work. We also keep your family healthy and safe by our thorough equipment inspections and recommendations.


    Reduce repair costs up to 40-50% and reduce energy consumption up to 20% over the life of the equipment with planned heating or air conditioning maintenance.


    Maintaining, cleaning and adjusting, even older equipment can regain some lost efficiency and lower energy consumption.


    We do it right the first time or we come back for free.


    All of our Maintenance Technicians are safety certified to be 100% Drug Free, Background Checked, and Professionally Trained. In most cases we even send you a courtesy email providing the picture of the tech that will be at your doorstep!

Club Member Discounts

  • 1) We will waive our $59 diagnosis fee for all future repair calls for as long as your a maintenance customer! You only pay the cost of the repairs themselves, saving you hundreds of dollars a year!
  • 2) A special discounted flat rate price will also be applied to any repairs that are needed (includes parts & labor) exclusively for club members!

Maintenance Checklist:

We check all electrical connections and components for proper amp draw, operation and wear. We make sure components and connections are solid and tightened properly.

We check alignment, lubrication, tension and tolerances of equipment parts and components. We check for proper system sequence of operations and adjust as needed.

We inspect for visual refrigerant leakage, correct refrigerant levels, proper temperature differential and check if refrigerant cycle is working at full potential.

We maintain condensate drain pans, drain lines and pumps. Check for proper flow and any water leakage ,we Inspect indoor and outdoor coil surfaces for debris and any signs of mold.

We clean and check pilot and burners for correct gas levels and safe combustion. We check for proper combustion air and inspect heat exchanger integrity for any cracking or breaches which can allow carbon monoxide to enter the home.

We service and replace system filters from basic to high efficient, including electronic air filters. We make healthy air recommendations based on each homeowners system and needs. We inspect air ducting for integrity and proper balance.

We inspect equipment safety controls for proper operation. We adjust system controls for best efficiency, energy conservation and homeowner comfort.