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Heat Pumps

We can easily and quickly install and repair heating and air conditioning systems of any make and model.

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    Heat Pump Installation & Repair

    if there’s one thing we know it’s quality heat pump installation and heat pump repair. Honesty Cooling and Heating has been a quality heat pump for many years. Call us today about your heat pump system!

    A proper heat pump installation is important for the efficiency of your heat pump and the safety of your home. The installation of your system will effect how comfortable your home is on the hottest or coldest days of the year. We understand that consistent training of heat pump installation techniques allows us to provide a higher quality, lasting installation, which in turn saves you the most energy possible! A heat pump will only work as good as how it was installed that’s why we hold our work to a higher standard by testing and complying with local building codes on every job. Call us for a free estimate on your next heat pump installation!
    As your system gets used a lot, things can break and fail, and you may need a heat pump repair. Our heat pump repair technicians are trained to get your heat pump back up and running quickly and safely. A heat pump repair can be complex and should always be done by a trained professional. You can schedule a repair right from here, try it!
    Want to avoid the high cost of early replacement? We can maintain your heat pump system thru a program of annual scheduled visits were we take care of keeping your heat pump in tip-top shape. Also, see how being part of our maintenance club can save you from future repair diagnosis charges! Call or contact us to find out more.
    Whether it’s a repair, maintenance or an installation of your heat pump system, we back all of our heat pump services with work that’s 100% guaranteed. Call or contact us to learn more about specific guarantees and warranties.