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Gas Furnaces / Central Heating

We can easily and quickly install and repair heating and air conditioning systems of any make and model.

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    We are experts at gas furnace installation and central heating systems .We install the highest quality equipment like, Rheem gas furnaces, Lennox gas furnaces and Amana as well. When it comes to central heating services we repair all brands of heating systems. We also maintain your central heating system to keep it running strong.

    Gas Furnace Installation

    Gas furnace installation needs to be done right. We provide a high quality heating installation by understanding each home and piece of equipment we are working with. With safety as our top priority, being watchful of little ones and pets and ensuring your gas furnace installation is up to local code requirements, is important to us. When contractors cut out labor time to present a low price, what suffers is quality and being sure that all gas, venting, high-voltage, and water drainage components are installed correctly. Contact us for a free installation estimate today!

    Why Replace Your Heating System?

    Inefficient, poorly installed central heating systems can cost you money. For every dollar you spend to heat your home you want to get back the most heating and comfort possible, hey you paid for it, right? The problem is that not all gas furnaces are created equal, some have better “MPG” or efficiency. Also when a central heating system has leaks and has been poorly installed you waste money losing heat to the outside.
    In this example we see a basic 80% gas furnace was installed, so for every dollar spent, 10 cents of our heat is wasted up the flue pipe in burned gases. This home also has duct leakage issues that means we’re losing an average of 30 cents of our heat into the attic. In total we are wasting at least 40 cents of every dollar we spend on our heating throughout the year. Finally there is little or no insulation in attic of this home, causing the heat to leave the home quickly and the furnace to run constantly, just to keep up.

    In this second example we see a high efficient 98% gas furnace was installed with minimal loss up the flue pipe, along with new sealed ducting with an allowed leakage rate of only 6%. This means that for every dollar spent on the heating in this home a full 92 cents goes right towards the actual comfort of the home. Since the attic insulation is at the proper levels the heat stays within the home and this homeowner sees an average of 20% less in energy bills! Of course these are simplified approximations of central heating efficiency and there are many more variables involved as each home has unique challenges that effect overall energy savings. Call Honesty Cooling and heating for a free in-home evaluation to determine how you can get the most out of every dollar you spend and increase your comfort and energy savings today!

    One of our central heating services we offer is furnace repair. Your central heating system can wear down due to the heat turning on and off for years. A gas furnace can also be a safety hazard if not repaired right. Our central heating system technicians are trained to get your heating up and running quickly and safely.
    Another important one of our central heating services is maintenance of your gas furnace. Maintaining your central heating system thru an annual program of scheduled visits can help you avoid costly heating repairs in the future and ensure your gas furnace doesn’t give out when you need it the most! Call or contact us to find out more.
    Whether it’s a repair, maintenance or an installation of your central heating system, we back all of our central heating services with work that’s 100% guaranteed. Call or contact us to learn more about specific guarantees and warranties.